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NNOOSH is a Not-for-profit, P&C run and operated centre made up of a team of Educators, Management and Volunteers. We provide the greatest standard of care for all our children at our centre.

NNOOSH is located in the double domes on the Narrabeen North Public School premises.

We value our families and strive to always support them. Open communication is essential when building positive, meaningful relationships with our families and students who are enrolled in our service. 

Our centre provide a child to staff ratio of 1:15 


OOSH is a time where kids can be kids! We support the kids to grow by allowing them to learn through free play.

We strive to give children a voice to help them embrace their physical, creative and emotional growth.

We encourage children’s input to create a positive, sustainable and diverse environment.

We nurture the children’s independence and provide a safe environment to enable them to build relationships that help create a sense of belonging. 

We provide a program that opens the children’s world to allow risky play and spontaneity, while promoting an environment that encourages children to embrace a healthy lifestyle. 

We value a program that embraces diversity and individual growth. 

We aspire to motivate our families and local community to contribute, suggest and be involved in all aspects of our service.

As a team we promote the inclusion of all children to become confident and creative individuals.

We believe children have the right to opportunity and encourage them to explore and develop their interests. Children with dreams become adults with vision.

Our team




NNOOSH director

Gregor Agic - Director 

assitant director nnoohs

Nicole Saldern - Assistant Director 


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Jacquie Rich


NNOOSH education leader

Imogen Huges - Kindy 

NNOOSH education leader

Ella Gray - Kindy

NNOOSH education leader

Ashley Blake - Juniors

NNOOSH education leader

Thomas Bell - Juniors

NNOOSH education leader

Holli Raaff - Seniors

NNOOSH education leader

Millie Langer - Seniors


NNOOSH education leader

Nancy Kim

NNOOSH education leader

Mia Allanson

NNOOSH education leader

Grace Cummins

NNOOSH education leader

Gabby Bradley 

NNOOSH education leader

Maki Lesko

NNOOSH education leader

Jaime Yeates

NNOOSH education leader

Kenzo Loccisano

logo transparent.png

Phoebe Brian 

NNOOSH education leader

Jesse Whiting

NNOOSH education leader

Lynda Sawle


Lili Boyle


Nancy Kim

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